1. What is Pilates?

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    Pilates is an exercise program that works the entire body by using a series of machines and exercises. It focuses on your powerhouse muscles, which begin two inches above and below your navel, and wraps around your body, also including the buttocks. Pilates focuses on balance, concentration, control, fluid movement, and breathing. It helps to increase flexibility, stamina, posture, and core strength.

  2. Is it different from yoga?

    Although the connection of mind and body is similar, the exercises in Pilates are done with resistance by using springs and pulleys. Pilates is meant to strengthen the core and lengthen the spine, and Yoga is more therapeutic. Both are performed as a group using a Yoga mat, but Pilates also uses machines.

  3. What are the benefits?

    • Pilates is great for your abdominal muscles.
    • It can help ease back pain.
    • It improves your flexibility.
    • Pilates improves posture.
    • It improves your core strength.
    • Pilates is gentle
    • You become in tune with your body and movements.
    • It is easily modified to suit your needs.
    • Pilates gives your brain a work out, too.
    • You will burn calories.
    • You will tone and shape your body.
    • Pilates promotes self-esteem.
    • You can improve range of motion.
    • Gain strength and muscle without gaining bulk.
    • You can improve lung capacity and circulation.
    • You can develop muscle uniformly.
  4. Who can do Pilates?

    Anyone! Because it is tailored to fit your needs, it is perfect for beginner and expert alike.

  5. What should I wear to a Pilates class?

    For classes, please wear comfortable exercise clothing such as fitted shorts, vests, or t-shirts. Shorts are ideal as they allow our instructors to easily check you knee placement, but leggings are fine too. Clean socks are required Socks with grips are ideal. Socks with separate toe holes are advised to allow proper movement of the toes which is essential for balance and grip. Mitten-stlye regular socks are fine but make it harder to separate the toes for optimal balance, proprioception and stretching of the feet muscles.

  6. Appoinments

    All private classes are appointment only.
    Please book group classes to avoid disappointment. Priority is given to those with prior appointments. Please call ahead to check for availability should you wish to drop-in. Classes are 55 minutes in length, unless otherwise specified.

  7. Bookings and Payments

    Payment is due at the time of booking to hold your space. Bookings by phone require payment by credit card for those do not have pre-paid packages. Standing appointments are only given to clients who purchase packages. Bookings are made of the number of sessions in the package.

  8. Class Packages and Expiry

    Class packages are available in 10 and 20 class packages at a reduced rate. All sales on packages are final. Packages purchased are transferable, but not refundable. All session packages must be completed prior to expiration, no exceptions. ALL SESSIONS EXPIRE 6 MONTHS FROM PURCHASE DATE. One time extensions to a package expiration date may be considered on an exception basis (i.e. unexpected medical reasons or for traveling). Contact the Studio for details. We reserve the right to substitute teachers without prior notice.

  9. Cancellation and Missed Classes and No Shows

    As courtesy to our staff and guests, we require at least 24 hours notice when canceling a private or semi-private appointment or group class. It is your responsibility to notify Pilates Fit Cebu by phone, SMS or online, at least 24 hours in advance, should you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment, to avoid incurring a cancellation fee. Any appointment cancelled or missed with less than 24 hour-notice will result in charge or loss of that session fee. To avoid delaying the next student, your class will finish on time regardless of how late you begin.

  10. Studio Etiquette

    All First Time visitors to any classes should arrive 15 minutes early to complete our intake forms and make payment. If you are late and have missed the warm-up for your group class, for your safety, you must do sufficient warm-up on your own before following the rest of the class. Pilates Fit Cebu is a place of focused energy. Please respect the wishes of others and their desire to experience Pilates in calm, focused atmosphere. Make sure your noise level does not disturb others. Please switch phones to silent or vibrate. If you are not sure how to do so, do ask. Please being socks and towels for hygiene purposes. Please save perfume for after class use as some people are allergic to it. Pilates Fit Cebu is not responsible for lost or stolen items. For hygiene purposes please wipe down the equipment after use and spray with disinfectant. We as that you refrain from bringing your children with you, as there is no way for them to be adequately supervised while you are exercising.